Team commitment agreement

As a member of a Grace Academy Athletic Team, I have read the Athletic Handbook and I commit to the following:

  • I commit to exemplary Christian behavior both on and off the field/court.

  • I commit to being a leader in academics as well as athletics.

  • I commit to being the best I can be with my God-given talents.

  • I commit to hard work and team play.

  • I commit to supporting and encouraging other players both on and off the field/court.

  • I commit to inform the coach of any absence as soon as I am aware that I will not be able to participate on any given day.

  • I commit to be a member of the team for the entire length of the season.

  • I commit to support the team by having a positive attitude as a starter, sub, or even if I don’t receive playing time.

  • I commit to demonstrating respect, obedience, self-discipline, and responsibility to my coach, players, officials, parents, fans and my school.

  • I commit to try to make timely payment of athletic fees and care and return of uniforms in a timely basis to my coach.

  • I commit to abide by Grace Academy’s athletic policies and expectations as set forth in the handbook.

  • I commit to participate in any team fundraiser as set forth by my coach and the Athletic Director.