Art I and II

This class will introduce students to the art world through the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, and Space. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.




Students will be continually creating projects that help them develop motor skills, increase their awareness of the world around them, and encourage confidence in independent decision making. They will be introduced to a variety of art medias: pencil, crayon, marker, paint, watercolor, paper mache, clay, and collage. All lessons are integrated with other areas of learning and will encourage the students problem solving and linking skills. All students will have projects included in the Night of the Arts show in the spring. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.

supplies needed

Glue sticks

Bottle of liquid Elmer’s glue

Pack of black sharpies


1 box of markers

Roll or package of paper towels (these supplies go into the Art Room’s shared supplies)


$10 fee for supplies