K-1 Grade


(updated 5/09/2023)

Textbooks are subject to change. To order books, please select the link(s), if applicable, that are underlined and blue under the individual course description. Grace Academy recommends ordering books no earlier than 7/10/2023.

Fees will be totaled per family and included in your Family Folder at Orientation. Fees will be due the first week of school payable to Grace Academy.

K-1 Required Supplies

Each K-1 student is required to bring each of the following:

  • Pencils – 12 count
  • Colored pencils – Crayola 24 count
  • Crayons – Crayola 24 count
  • Color Markers – 10 count Crayola Classic Colors
  • Glue sticks – Elmer’s 6 count
  • Child scissors – round tip child
  • Erasers – 2 count smudge free pink
  • Disinfecting Wipes- 75 count in plastic closable container
  • Hand Sanitizer

We recommend brand names as they are better quality and last longer. Please see individual classes below for any additional supplies needed.

K-1 Classes:

The following courses are Kindergarten and 1st grade level unless otherwise noted. Click on the image or Class Title to read more about the class.

Art I

This class will introduce students to the art world through the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, and Space. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.

Art II

This class will introduce students to the art world through the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, and Space. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.

Character Lessons/Bible

Students will learn character development through the stories of creation, Jesus and various Old Testament and New Testament people.

Drama (K-5)

Students will learn theater skills, techniques and history by performing simple skits and plays based on parables and popular fairy tales, incorporating the principles of Galatians 5:22-23.

Enrichment (K-1)

Enrichment is a fun and exciting time for K-1st Grade students from 12:35-2:00. Students will eat lunch together, socialize and participate in enrichment activities.

Health/PE (K-3)

This class will focus on health education, exposure to sports, learn basic exercises, and traditional PE games.

Math (Kindergarten)

This class is very hands-on! Students will learn recognition and applications of numbers 0 through 30. Concepts of measurement, recognizing basic shapes, collecting data, creating and extending patterns will be covered.

Reading/Phonics I

Pre-requisite: Students must know uppercase and lowercase letters. This hands-on class will focus on learning phonics in a structured manner in order to prepare students to learn to read.

Reading/Phonics II

Students should start class with a working knowledge of basic phonics rules and the ability to read “easy reader” books, or have completed Reading/Phonics I at Grace Academy. – This class will build on the phonics rules and work on reading comprehension skills.


Students will learn scientific concepts through hands-on activities to create a strong science foundation.


This introductory class will emphasize vocabulary building. Students will be able to identify and understand words in Spanish…


Students will learn the rules of grammar including basic capitalization, sentence formation, and punctuation while writing but will also work with using proper grammar and sentences while speaking. Students will learn to spell basic sight words and will spell untaught words phonetically.


This course is to encourage the innately curious young mind. STEM will offer them situations where they can observe and experience, bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life.

Writing (First Grade)

Students will be using the WriteShop curriculum in this course. WriteShop introduces and builds on the steps of the writing process through engaging activities and creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning. Lessons are divided into Activity Sets to fully cover a topic without hurrying the child.

Writing (Kindergarten)

Students will begin the year learning the mechanics of handwriting. Students will also learn basic sentence structure and punctuation, then move on to creating simple sentences.