1. We believe that God has uniquely called us and established us as a TK-12 school for this time and season in history. With the pandemic we have seen that our schedule and the flexibility it offers families for a quality education is now needed more than ever.

2. As a Christian school first and foremost, a Christ centered education body, mind, and spirit is what is so desperately needed in our culture and world right now. Christ is the answer that people are really looking for!

3. We have had the honor and privilege of praying for, educating and preparing thousands of young people for over twenty years to take their place as Christ followers and leaders in whatever area of life God has called them to.

4. We have heard from so many people about the impact God had on their family during their time at Grace and now they are blessing many others!

5. We believe that God wants to do even more in the future. But it will take all of our prayers support and help in partnership with Him to accomplish it. As it says in the Bible in Habakkuk 1:5, “For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” We believe that the best days for Grace are ahead of us. It does not mean there won’t be challenges and difficulties. We know that it will be worth it for the future generations of young people that will take their place in God’s plan!

Bob & Susan Daniel,
Grace Founders