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Students will become skilled and confident writers as they learn to develop strong paragraphs through choosing vivid, descriptive words and using sentence variations. Students will grow in their brainstorming and planning skills, gain confidence in writing creatively and learn new ways to edit and revise their stories and reports.

Writing (First Grade)

Students will be using the WriteShop curriculum in this course. WriteShop introduces and builds on the steps of the writing process through engaging activities and creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning. Lessons are divided into Activity Sets to fully cover a topic without hurrying the child.

Writing (Kindergarten)

Students will begin the year learning the mechanics of handwriting. Students will also learn basic sentence structure and punctuation, then move on to creating simple sentences.

Writing I (6–7)

Students will learn to compare and contrast various elements, write a thesis statement, create an outline and write using first and third person.