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Understanding Your Faith

As believers in Jesus Christ, we live in a culture that is increasingly misinformed about our faith. It is important for every young follower of Jesus Christ to understand the Gospel message and the basics of our faith in Christ, that relates to the world we live in and works in every day life.

Understanding Your Faith Online (9-12)

Ever have questions about why you believe what you believe? There are answers. This concentrated course focuses on instilling these answers onto the hearts of students and gives them the wisdom to defend what they believe.

US History/Geography

Students will learn about the development of the United States.  Students will discover the land and the early people living here before and after the first explorers arrive.

Video/Media Editing

This is an introductory to video editing class with an emphasis on developing technical skills within computer software to express student creativity in application.

Web Design I

(Prerequisite: Prior computer experience required) – Students will learn what makes a visually appealing and functional website using HTML and CSS.

Web Design Online (9-12)

(Prerequisite: Prior computer experience required) – Students will learn modern web design principles to create efficient, visually appealing, functional websites by learning to write in both the HTML and CSS computer languages.

Wise Finance

This course is designed to give the students a solid foundation in many topics of personal finance. The topics that will be covered include saving, budgeting, debt, insurance, consumer awareness, investing, giving, careers, taxes, and money and relationships.

World History

This course is a thematic study of the history of the world from the Garden of Eden to the present day. History is “His story” and the unfolding of God’s plan is so very evident in the progression of human events.

World History

Students will study time from Creation to the late 20th century. The Christian perspective is the thread that connects the past to the present.

World History Honors

This course is outlined to study man’s passage through time in ancient civilizations and his growth and development throughout recent, well-documented history.