This course will include extensive instruction on grammar concepts that include capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, phrases, clauses, gerunds, appositives, and other grammar concepts.

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This course will include extensive instruction on grammar concepts that include capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, phrases, clauses, gerunds, appositives, and other grammar concepts. Students will build onto existing knowledge concerning parts of speech and their functions. The class will focus on applying grammar rules that will enrich student writing. Vocabulary will be a second component of this class. There will be a focus on sharpening the student’s word usage through building a more substantial vocabulary as well as spelling practice.

TextbookEasy Grammar Plus Student Workbook (978-0-936981-147)
Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop – Enriched Edition, Level B by Jerome Shostak – William H Sadlier, Inc. (978-0-8215-8007-3)