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Algebra I Honors (9-10) (4 Days)

This is a more in-depth concentrated course which will involve the mastery concepts including operations with real numbers, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials, exponential operations,…

American History I Honors (10-11)

Students will study the story of America from a Christian world-view beginning the pre-colonization period and ending with the Civil War Era. Using primary sources, discussion, and research, they will analyze…

American History II

In this course, students will study the event and the atmosphere in which the event occurred, as well as the impact of this event on the future of America.

American History II Honors (10-12)

Students will continue the story of America from a Christian world-view beginning with the Reconstruction era, and continuing through the Middle East/Desert Storm Era. This course is fast-paced, participation-enriched, and focused on understanding the historical happenings and their impact to then and now.

Art (8-9)

This class is for 8th and 9th grade students who are ready to develop and expand their own artistic style through the exploration of different art processes and mediums.

Art I

This class will build on the elements of art: line, shape color, value, and texture. Students will create projects that increase their awareness of art throughout their world. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.


This course is a survey of the history, literature, and content of the New Testament. We will focus on Jesus Christ as we unfold God’s plan of redemption.


In this course, the students will focus primarily on the Old Testament. They will learn the history, literature, culture, and geography of the Bible.

Biology Honors (9-10)

This class is a college-prep introductory study of life according to God’s wonderful creation. In this honors course, students will study the five kingdoms of organisms, cellular structure and functions,…

Character Development

Every person develops in one way or another, but few people develop into the moral, loving, disciplined Christians who honor God with their lives. This energetic, discussion-based class seeks to answer the question: “How can I be the man/woman God intends me to be?”

Character Lessons/Bible

Students will explore the following topics through personal Bible study, class discussions, projects and journal writing: the life of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit…