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Art I

This class will introduce students to the art world through the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, and Space. Projects vary for Art I and Art II each school year.

Character Lessons/Bible

Students will learn character development through the stories of creation, Jesus and various Old Testament and New Testament people.

Drama (K-5)

Students will learn theater skills, techniques and history by performing simple skits and plays based on parables and popular fairy tales, incorporating the principles of Galatians 5:22-23.

Enrichment (K-1)

Enrichment is a fun and exciting time for K-1st Grade students from 12:35-2:00. Students will eat lunch together, socialize and participate in enrichment activities.

Health/PE (K-3)

This class will focus on health education, exposure to sports, learn basic exercises, and traditional PE games.

Math (Kindergarten)

This class is very hands-on! Students will learn recognition and applications of numbers 0 through 30. Concepts of measurement, recognizing basic shapes, collecting data, creating and extending patterns will be covered.

Reading/Phonics I

Pre-requisite: Students must know uppercase and lowercase letters. This hands-on class will focus on learning phonics in a structured manner in order to prepare students to learn to read.

Reading/Phonics II

Students should start class with a working knowledge of basic phonics rules and the ability to read “easy reader” books, or have completed Reading/Phonics I at Grace Academy. – This class will build on the phonics rules and work on reading comprehension skills.


Students will learn scientific concepts through hands-on activities to create a strong science foundation.


This introductory class will emphasize vocabulary building. Students will be able to identify and understand words in Spanish…