2-3 Grade


(updated 5/09/2023)

Textbooks are subject to change. To order books, please select the link(s), if applicable, that are underlined and blue under the individual course description. Grace Academy recommends ordering books no earlier than 7/10/2023.

Fees will be totaled per family and included in your Family Folder at Orientation. Fees will be due the first week of school payable to Grace Academy.

2nd-3rd Required Supplies

Each 2nd-3rd student is required to bring each of the following:

  • Pencils – 12 count
  • Colored pencils – Crayola 24 count
  • Crayons – Crayola 24 count
  • Color Markers – 10 count Crayola Classic Colors
  • Glue sticks – Elmer’s 6 count
  • Child scissors – round tip child
  • Erasers – 2 count smudge free pink
  • Disinfecting Wipes- 75 count in plastic closable container

We recommend brand names as they are better quality and last longer. Please see individual classes below for any additional supplies needed.

2nd-3rd Classes:

The following courses are 2nd and 3rd grade level unless otherwise noted. Click on the image or Class Title to read more about the class.


This class will build on the elements of art: line, shape color, value, and texture. Students will create projects that increase their awareness of art throughout their world.

Character Lessons/Bible

Through the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel, students will learn God’s truths and develop character through weekly lessons and class discussion.


In the Grace Academy computer lab, students will be introduced to PC computers. Students will learn to use Word, Power Point and Excel. They will develop confidence when using computers by being exposed to multiple software applications and repetitive use.

Drama (K-5)

Students will learn theater skills, techniques and history by performing simple skits and plays based on parables and popular fairy tales, incorporating the principles of Galatians 5:22-23.

Enrichment (2-3)

Enrichment is a fun and exciting time for 2nd-3rd Grade students from 12:35-2:00. Students will eat lunch together, socialize and participate in enrichment activities.

Health/PE (K-3)

This class will focus on health education, exposure to sports, learn basic exercises, and traditional PE games.

Math (2nd Grade)

Students will represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand place value, measure and estimate lengths in standard units, work with time, money, and data. The students will begin the foundation of multiplication, and reason with shapes and attributes.

Math (3rd Grade)

Students will learn place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, decimals, fractions, and more!

Reading Studies (2nd Grade)

Students will experience and differentiate between different types of literature while improving reading skills such as fluency, inflection, and comprehension. Simple story elements such as plot, character, and setting will be explored.

Reading Studies (3rd Grade)

Independent-level readers will dive into quality literature, uncovering story elements, character development, genre studies, predictions and inferences, and vocabulary.

Science I

Students will learn about and explore things in the world around them, such as energy, simple machines, earth’s atmosphere, weather, water cycle, plants, and the human body.

Science II

Students will learn about and explore things in the world around them, such as rocks and minerals, the solar system, animals with backbones, animals without backbones, animal homes, habitats, insect and spiders.

Social Studies/Geography I

This course will introduce students to contributions of historical figures in our American History such as Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King, Jr, giving students a chronological understanding of great leaders in American history. The students will also learn basic map skills, such as interpret symbols.

Social Studies/Geography II

Students will step back into history and learn what life was like in America’s early days. They will also learn and apply basic geography skills.


This course is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language. Basic vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing activities are applied throughout the course.


Students will study the English language as it relates to word relationships. This course will be an intensive study of grammar including punctuation and the parts of speech.


Students will participate in a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics…

Writing (2nd Grade)

Students will be using the WriteShop curriculum in this course. WriteShop Primary uses hands-on activities to teach the concepts of the writing process at the very simplest level.

Writing (3rd Grade)

Students will be using the WriteShop curriculum in this course. WriteShop Junior uses hands-on activities to teach the steps of the writing process.